Is your dog coughing, gagging for no apparent reason, or does he soon get tired?

The above symptoms are among the visible signs of heart disease. Cardiac patients are increasing in number, not only among humans, and it is therefore advisable to examine the animal in time. Because heart disease can be hidden, regular check-ups of otherwise healthy senior animals are also recommended.

How can heart disease be detected?

In addition to a basic clinical examination, we perform a chest x-ray with evaluation of the cardiac silhouette and abnormalities, an ECG and an ultrasound. Based on the diagnosis, we select individual therapy for each patient with regular checks on their health.

What to do?

Although heart disease cannot be cured, appropriate treatment can provide a pet with a significantly better and longer quality of life.

What is the cause of heart disease?

Some breeds of dog, such as the Doberman, can have congenital heart disease and sometimes the only symptom is sudden death. But a common cause of heart disease is neglected tartar removal. Infection from the oral cavity damages the liver, kidneys and causes deformities in the heart valves, leading to the gradual development of heart problems.

Do cats also have cardiac problems?

Yes, they do, but their diagnosis is much more difficult than in dogs. The manifestations of a diseased heart are not usually pronounced in cats, but can be difficulty breathing or loss of appetite and weight loss.