Small Mammal Medicine

Even rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and other small animals have various health problems that we are able to treat or operate on. We use X-rays or ultrasound to help us diagnose, and we also test blood or urine when necessary.

As varied as the small mammal kingdom is, so are the procedures and examinations we perform daily in the clinic. Here is a sample of the most common ones:

Adjustment of teeth and overgrown claws

We perform shortening of long claws or teeth. We use special instruments to treat overgrown teeth and perform the procedure under anaesthesia.  We recommend appropriate food and proper nursing care.


Rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents also suffer from various skin diseases, often from different causes. Some parasites cause significant itching and are also transmissible to humans, similar to fungal diseases. We perform skin examinations and administer appropriate medication.


The most common surgical procedures are castration of female and male rabbits, guinea pigs or octopuses. We operate on abscesses in rabbits, cysts in guinea pigs and tumours in rats or other rodents. These formations can reach large sizes, bleed easily, and are important to come in early.