Has your pet started limping?

Patients with orthopaedic problems often come to us when their owner notices that the pet is not exercising one of its legs. It is important to remember that lameness is a manifestation of pain.

Orthopaedic examination

During the orthopaedic examination, we first examine the pet in motion and perform a physical examination. We usually then take our digital x-ray or ultrasound to help. Ultrasound is a great way to view ligaments, tendons or muscles. If the spine or spinal canal needs to be examined, we perform contrast myelography. Based on the results of this examination, we will choose the appropriate treatment or schedule an appointment for surgery.

We perform an examination for elbow and hip dysplasia for preservation purposes.

What about fractures?

We treat broken bones with metal splints and screws (internal osteosynthesis) or external fixation (wires together with plastic or metal rods). Fracture surgery is performed under general anaesthesia in air-conditioned sterile operating theatres.

Damage to the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee joint

We treat anterior cruciate ligament damage using the TPLO method, currently the most commonly used surgical technique worldwide for this purpose.

Hospitalization of orthopedic patients

We have comfortable hospitalisation boxes for patients with multiple injuries or in serious health conditions. During their stay at our clinic, we can give them all the care that seriously injured animals require.

After an injury: “Will he run like he used to?”

After orthopedic surgery, we recommend rehabilitation for our patients. Rehabilitation exercises are important for the proper recovery and return to active life of the pet and we perform them in our clinic. A protective collar to prevent the animal from licking the wound is equally essential for successful healing. The time and extent of recovery always depends on the type of fracture, its healing, your animal friend’s temperament and adherence to the recommended resting regime after surgery.

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